Triage & Monitoring Solution for today's current Health Systems

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Key Features

Remote Triage

Prevents patient from coming into clinic and possibly infecting general clinic population

Managed Service

Complete end-to-end managed solution to help augment current health systems clinical and non-clinical support needs.

Screen for At-Risk Patients

Queries EHR for high risk (65 and older, immunosuppressed, chronic diseases, etc)

Automated Reminders & Alerts

Automates alert management and patient check-ins

Patient Education

Educational material based on current CDC guidelines

EHR/EMR integration

Integrate with the industry leading Electronic Health Records systems


Leverage Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring

Our iTeleCare Health platform and partners of IoT products with RPM capabilities offer a completely virtual experience to rapidly respond to patient health inquiries & needs, while minimizing the risk of further exposure, optimizing resources, and helping to stop the spread infectious disease.

In an effort to do our part & help level the curve, iTeleCare Health is committed to providing quality customizable products and solutions for Telehealth, Telemedicine & Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) applications that work toward containing COVID-19 while keeping healthcare practitioners protected & care facilities maintaining valuable resources.



With powerful integrations, 24/7 tracking features, and a quality user experience, iTeleCare Health provides the best platform for your remote patient monitoring applications.

iTeleCare Health's platform seamlessly integrate all medical devices and gateways. You can set custom alerts and reminders for things like medications, when to check your blood pressure or regular check-ins. The devices we use connect via bluetooth & 4G LTE / WiFi to provide the most versatile functions and quality features all in one effortless solution.

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